As leading accounting, auditing and consulting firm, Capital care group has been giving quality service and creative solutions and auditing works to customers in Florida and Washington Dc Clients know they can trust Capital care group exceedingly skilled experts whose expertise in accounting and auditing has repeatedly helped organizations in realizing their full potential. Also, Capital care group offers both open and privately owned businesses in auditing service in and outside Florida and Washington Dc. Our Assurance and Accounting Services Group has set endless organizations and people in a position of strength. Shareholders, creditors, and private speculators regularly require confirmation that the monetary proclamations precisely speak to the genuine statement of financial position of an organization. Your shareholders, creditors, or private speculators have distinctive levels of risk tolerance, so we give three levels of confirmation to address your issues which are;

Auditing Service- Highest Level of Assurance

At Capital Care Group, our auditing approach consolidates a key comprehension of today’s aggressive business condition and our involvement in assessing the business risks you confront on a daily basis. We will give the most extreme profit for your investment in the audit procedure through an in-depth examination of your financial statements, internal controls, and general business techniques, objectives and goals. For instance of this return on your investment, the management letters we give address issues, for example, operational proficiency and how you can reinforce your internal controls. We additionally highlight in these letters potential compliance issues your business may be confronting.

Our Audit service allows you to;

  • Satisfy partners, stakeholders for example, representatives, clients, providers and pressure groups, and in addition the corporation societies, with regards to the validity of available and published information. Facilitate the purchase and sale of organizations or organizations.
  • Facilitate the payment of corporate tax assessment, products and services impose, and different charges and taxes on-time and precisely, consequently staying away from interest, penalties and examinations.
  • Comply with banking and managing an account contracts.
  • Help recognize and deter material misrepresentation and error.

With Capital Care Group, this is what you get; your banks, to affirm money or obligation adjusts and terms, your clients, to check remarkable receivable parities, your sellers, to confirm exceptional payable balances, and your lawyers, for information on pending or threatened lawful activity.

We likewise perform physical examinations by watching your inventory counting techniques and perform test numbers. We document and test each working cycle, including cash and sales receipts, costs and money payment, and finance. Our audit papers incorporate an itemized work program to report the examinations and testing performed, and in addition the customer’s supporting work papers.

Review – Limited Level of Assurance

A review does not oblige us to examine and assess your organization’s internal controls or check information with outsiders or physically investigate resources. We are not aware of any material adjustments for the financial statements to be in congruity with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Reviewed financial statements must incorporate every required commentary and other disclosures.

Why might a business demand a review engagement? It can be a good middle ground, giving the benefits of a CPA’s specialized ability without the work and cost of an audit.

Compilation – Lowest Level of Assurance

In accumulating financial statements for a customer, we display data that is the “representation of “management” and communicates no opinion or confirmation on the statements. Compilations don’t require request of management or analytical methods, rather, we depend on our insight into accounting standards and a general understanding of your business.

Banks often require compilations from an independent CPA as a major aspect of their lending pledges.

Our dedication to conveying highly-quality auditing and assurance services is at the heart of what we do. We give full detailed review and confirmation services intended to convey genuine esteem and support investor’s confidence. We welcome you to investigate the numerous ways Capital Care group experts can help you.