Forensic accounting is an aspect of accounting that portrays engagements that result from genuine or foreseen litigation or dispute.”Forensic  signifies” appropriate for use in an official “courtroom”, and it is to that standard and potential result that legal accountants for the most part need to work. Legal accountants, likewise called to as forensic auditors or investigative auditors, often need to give master evidence at the inevitable trial. . Capital Care Group, being the leading forensic accounting firm in Florida and Washington Dc can be contacted If you are noticing some discrepancies in your statement of account, or discovered some missing cash, inventory of assets or a in the case of divorce a partner is hiding some cash from been shared.

Who Needs Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting also called investigating accounting is the application of accounting principles, theories and discipline to fact at the issues in legal disputes and consists of 2 major primary functions;

Investigation Service

This involves the use of financial forensic professional skills and may or may not lead to a court room testimony. It is the intersection of financial principles and laws and therefore applies the technical skills in accounting, auditing, fiancé, quantitative methods and certain area of the law and research.

With our investigative accounting services most especially in forensic accounting service in Florida and Washington Dc, we convey to bear our accounting information and involvement in the field to give you a reasonable comprehension of the circumstance. The following happens when you retain our expertise;

  • We help with the assurance and recuperation of advantages;
  • We review the circumstance and offer proposals for conceivable game-plans;
  • WE facilitate with different specialists, including private agents, forensic document analysts, and consulting engineers; and Also, we help with any vital common activity or criminal arraignment.

Litigation Advisory Service

This refers the role of a forensic accountant as an expert or consultant, It also covers accounting help for present or pending litigation.

For a litigation service,

We help with acquiring the vital documentation to support or disprove a claim;

We carefully look at the significant documentation to form an appraisal of the case;

We review the damages report by the contradicting expert;

We also help with settlement discussion and arrangements; and

We go to trial to hear the declaration of the opposing expert and give help with questioning.

infringement and losses arising from a breach of a non-competition agreement.